COVID-19 Information for Library Staff

Phase 3 return to work on site

More staff are returning to work on site during this third phase. For the Library this means rostered staff, individual study spaces, opening Levels 1 and 2 for self-service borrowing, and arranging on-site work by team. During this phase continue to maintain social distancing and good hand hygiene.  

Key information sources

Learning and Development Resources

How to create a digital signature guide

Creating a signature PNG file

How to add a digital signature to a PDF guide

Working From Home, Digital Literacy and Time Management resources

to support staff and provide activities relevant to the new working arrangements at this time.

Wellbeing & ALIA Professional Development updates

The Library has subscribed to a weekly ALIA Professional Development newsletter
and its associated resources which all Library staff now have access to, covering
topics like Working From Home, Ebooks, Ejournals, Training.

Resources to help manage uncertainty and build resilience

Coursera, TedTalks and LinkedIn courses covering varied topics including times of
uncertainty and wellbeing

Zoom Support

– University support page for Zoom meetings and consultations

Tips for successful Zoom Meetings

This Week article

Inhouse Zoom guide for Library Staff

A beginners guide, written for staff by staff

Zoom Bombing

Something for everyone to be aware of and for anyone running a Zoom session with students or clients I would highly recommend you review and apply settings prior to your zoom session.

Essentially “Zoombombing” it is where uninvite guest(s) join the zoom session, use the screen sharing feature and start to broadcast offensive content in the zoom session to all participants. Click here to know what it is and to read instructions on how to prevent it.

An incident of “Zoombombing” was reported as happening earlier in the week with a tutorial class in MQBS.

COVID-19 Reporting

As part of our evidence-based approach during the COVID-19 crisis, weekly reports on enquiries received by the library are being produced. These allow the Library to track trends and monitor any issues that need to be addressed. 

Technology Tips & Tricks