Working From Home, Digital Literacy and Time Management Resources

Before you start on any of the modules please make sure you:

  1. Discuss the options, time taken and time-frame with your supervisor and agree on both modules and deadlines to complete.
  2. Once completed if you or your supervisor would like the module recorded on your Learning profile (Library TMS) please send details to Paul Howse ( 
  3. Evaluation
    – Once module/s completed please ensure you have a discussion with your supervisor regarding the outcomes and how useful the module was and the reasons.
    – Please send a summary of your evaluation to Katie Mann ( who will use your feedback to determine if we further promote those modules.

Online Modules to help build Digital Literacy and Time Management Capability
MQ University Library – Times of Disruption 2020

All Library staff must complete this module (if they haven’t done so already).

Outcomes Oriented Work – online module

This is an in-house designed module to support all Library staff and deliver outcomes based work.  This module was designed to provide a common definition, understanding and language for ensuring all staff can achieve this. 
The Aims of the Module are:

  • Define Outcome Oriented Work
  • Investigate examples of OOW in the Library setting, and help apply OOW to their work
  • Set expectations for OOW
  • Assist staff and teams to talk about OOW
  • Provide tools that may assist and support successful OOW (OOW Template, Library Business Continuity Guidelines).

Outcomes Oriented Work involves setting and meeting work objectives. 
Work is What You Get Done, Not Where You Are
Click here to access and complete the module.

LinkedIn Learning

  1. Time Management Working From Home
  2. Digital Transformation
  3. Writing a business report
  4. Learning Office 365
  5. Microsoft Teams Essential Training
  6. Learning Zoom
  7. Search Office 365 in LinkedIn Learning

Mindtools that people can access for development – Covid-19 Support Pack 

Zoom live training

Login to your zoom account and you can access knowledge base, live training and webinars – zoom account can be accessed from zoom icon on your windows menu.
Instructions – Login
Got to Settings

Advanced Features:

  • Attend Live training (webinar format)
  • Video tutorials – eg. Join a meeting, schedule a meeting, meeting controls

Knowledge based – Getting started, Audio/video/sharing, Meetings & webinars, Zoom Phone, Zoom Rooms etc.
Click here for The University’s comprehensive Zoom support page.
Inhouse Zoom guide for Library Staff

HR Playlist from LinkedIn – Time Management and Productivity

Boosting Your Team’s Productivity
Learn to help everyone on your team boost their productivity with these easy simplification habits.

Time Management Tips Weekly
Improve your productivity, get things done, and find more time for what’s most important with this weekly series of actionable time management tips.

Efficient Time Management
Learn the techniques the most efficient people use to manage their tasks and maximise their time. 

Managing Meetings
Discover how to get the most out of your meetings, turning them into productive avenues for communicating, connecting and accomplishing real work.