Learning & Development

Why is Learning & Development in the Library important?

  • It engages staff and improves work satisfaction
  • It helps to cultivate a learning culture within the library
  • It enhances the work performance and career potential of staff

What are the different areas of development?

There are  4 different streams of development:

Stream 1:Leadership DevelopmentAddressing Learning & Development knowledge and skills that staff need in order to effectively lead and manage people and resources;
Support for developing these skills is provided by Central Human Resources as well as as at the local Library level
Stream 2:Professional DevelopmentIncludes knowledge and skills that are transferable into most professional occupations and usually qualify as part of the individual’s personal development
Stream 3:Technical DevelopmentThis involves knowledge and skills that are usually related directly to the function of the individual’s role e.g. subject matter related. However, they can additionally include knowledge and skills that are not directly related to a position but needed for the individual to perform their role effectively and efficiently;
Stream 4:Career DevelopmentThis includes knowledge and skills needed, over the next 1 – 5 years, to further develop one’s career

Process & Flow: Learning and Development in the Library

Macquarie University’s Performance Development & Review (PDR)

The PDR process is designed to support all University staff to develop the necessary skills and experience to do their job, as well as plan for other roles and gain significant life skills.  By recording goals, learning and development opportunities are identified and offered to staff.

In 2018, staff were asked to record their Objectives either on soft or hard format, on the PDR system or their own.  The emphasis is on the continued conversation between staff member and their Team leaders rather than what was written.

Online Learning

Library staff are encouraged to utilise various learning and development strategies, including LinkedIn Learning for online learning modules. LinkedIn Learning provides a comprehensive range of online courses, both IT and softskills.

Central HR have created some LinkedIn Learning playlists you may be interested in. A playlist is a collated list of modules that are deemed of higher quality with relevant outcomes – in other words someone has done the hard work of filtering and selecting the best products for staff to look at. You can find those playlists here (scroll down to Lynda.com Video Library).

Places to look for Learning & Development opportunities in the Library

Process to participate in a ‘learning ‘ activity

  • All staff members must first seek approval from their reporting managers/supervisors to attend or participate in Learning & Development
  • When attending an external course (not run by Macquarie University and including Conferences) Library staff need to complete a Funded activity Business Travel Form and submit to the Learning & Development Manager
  • For HR workshops, Library staff discuss with their supervisor and then register via HR Online – or contact develop@mq.edu.au
  • To attend an internal Library course, on most occasions staff just need to accept the relevant Calendar invitation sent by the Learning & Development Manager

Library Training Management System (TMS):

The Library Training Management System (TMS) is a Learning Management System on a Moodle platform. It is a central learning repository for Learning & Development (L&D) for Library staff, which aligns with the Library’s strategic goals and in turn can align to individual staff capability requirements for their Performance Development and Review. It is also an enduring repository for learning and development activities and materials.
The goal of the TMS is to streamline processes for staff training in the Library, to make them easy to book, deliver and evaluate as well as allowing Individual staff and supervisors to have easier access to L&D activities undertaken.
Every staff member can log-in to their own L&D records by clicking on the link above and using their OneId to logon.
User Resources to navigate the Training Management System (TMS):
Training Management System (TMS) User Guide
Training Management System (TMS) Administrator Guide
Training Management System (TMS) Editing Teacher Guide

Resources to help you get started:


The Library runs an Induction for all new staff – to cover whole of Library programs like What We Do Matters, EPIC and Library Business Continuity.  Individual Departments then run more role specific induction.

For Library Induction Materials click here


Conference attendance and presentations are important learning & development activities, as well as networking opportunities. For information on how to apply for attendance or presentation at a Conference please click on this link


For guidelines on Industry Placements, volunteers and work experience at Macquarie University Library, please Click here.
Click here for Student Placement information

Career Planning:

Career planning involves a collection of activities to help you reflect on your career aspirations and work out what actions you need to plan and then do to achieve your career goals. This can include exploring your values and strengths, mapping out your goals and identifying the key activities, people and skill development to help you along the way.

For more resources and links to valuable information on Career Planning please go to the Macquarie University Library Career Planning section.

Library Peer Support Network

  • The PSN is a Collective effort to support each other and teams in order to:
  • Maintain library business continuity
  • Minimise the negative impacts during disruption
  • Maintain & improve productivity & quality outcomes

Click here to read more about Peer Support Network