Library Projects

Library Projects – Is There a Better Way?

A project is a temporary arrangement designed to achieve a specific business benefit or objective.

What is a Library Project?

  1. Large or complex or has wide impacts
    (e.g. brand-new service or system, major change to existing system or service, changes affect whole Library)
  2. Grant funded and needs to be monitored/acquitted
  3. External stakeholders or partners are actively involved (e.g. MQIT)
  4. Several departments need to commit resources or the outcome is owned by more than one department
  5. Formal project management needed for a good outcome
    (e.g. beyond our usual capacity or management process, needs profile to highlight the benefits, needs consultation beyond our usual channels etc.)

Improvements in Library services, facilities and processes are often made through planned projects which focus on solving a problem, a service improvement/gap, a process improvement, or a knowledge gap.

A successful Library project results in outcomes that improve Library performance in day to day operations and client services.

Access Project Register here.

If you are managing a project or are part of a project team, these tools and guides can help you better focus, scope, manage and report on your project:

Project Templates


Project Plan

Project Close and Lessons Learned

Is there a better way?

Library project documentation & recordkeeping

Library Project Coordination Presentation

EXAMPLE of completed Project Proposal

EXAMPLE of completed Project Plan

EXAMPLE of complete Project Close & Lessons Learned Report