Variable hours spreadsheet

The variable hours spreadsheet records and calculates hours for Library staff who are working to flexible start and finish times in compliance with the University’s Enterprise Agreement and policy. It is important that you discuss your planned hours, start and finish times with your manager or supervisor.

To record your start and finish times, download the variable hours template, save it in your Onedrive and share it with your supervisor as per these instructions.

The maximum ordinary hours of work are 8 hours per day. However, up to 10 hours may be worked by mutual agreement between the Staff Member and their Supervisor. A Staff Member will be entitled to 4 non-working days (two weekends) in each fortnightly cycle.

The usual hours for a full-time staff member are 70 hours per fortnight.  Staff Members’ workloads must be equitable, transparent and realistic within the 70-hour fortnight. This spreadsheet assists in managing fortnightly hours, for continuing and contract staff, and helps to manage workloads and hours equitably.   

To maintain staff wellbeing and support the operational needs of the Library, no more than 10 hours debit or credit should occur per fortnight using this spread sheet. Accrued hours above 10 hours do not carry over to the next fortnight.  As per section 17.21 of the Enterprise agreement, tea breaks cannot be traded for time in lieu and are forfeited if not taken daily. A Staff Member will not be required to work more than 5 hours without a meal break.

Please note that there are other informal and formal flexible arrangements and if this arrangement does not meet your needs other options may be more appropriate for your circumstances.  Please discuss these alternatives with your manager or supervisor.


Macquarie University Professional Staff Agreement (2018)

Macquarie University Flexible Work Policy and Procedure