Rewards and Recognition Program

In order to recognise the impressive work of Library staff, a Rewards & Recognition program was implemented in the Library in 2014, expanded in 2015, and ‘refreshed’ in 2019.

SPOT awards – the SPOT Awards were created to align with the What We Do Matters behaviours. Initially these SPOT awards were predominantly $8 coffee/food vouchers that could be used in many locations on campus and given to staff at any time of the year. Whilst the SPOT awards have now been expanded the criteria for these awards continue to be based around the 4 main criteria from What We Do Matters:

  • Create positive experiences
  • What I do matters
  • Is there a better way?
  • What we do matters

In 2019 the SPOT Awards were expanded (see below) whilst the End of Year Awards were ‘paused’ based on Library staff feedback.

2019 onwards – Types of SPOT Awards and Award behaviours

Individual Awards
  • ‘Thank you’ card (purchased or created by Library)
  • Coffee vouchers – $8
  • Gift vouchers – $20, $30 and $50
Team Awards
  • Coffee vouchers – $8 each
  • Morning tea (staff café or tearoom)
  • Lunch staff (staff café or tearoom)
  • Project completion celebrations

WWDM Behaviours linked to the SPOT Awards

What we do matters:
Awarded for: 

  • achieving objectives of projects where staff collaborate to make improvements
  • demonstrating cross library collaborative behaviour and engagement with colleagues
  • teamwork and supporting colleagues to achieve objectives
  • teamwork behaviour that contributes to and improves team cohesion
  • engaging clients through respectful, positive encounters and actively seeking their input
  • creating and contributing to learning partnerships with our colleagues and clients
  • solving problems productively with colleagues

Create positive experiences:
Awarded for: 

  • listening to clientsand responding to them as individuals
  • responding to all requests and feedback with courtesy, patience, sensitivity, and tact 
  • participating in the assessment of services
  • adding value as the customer sees it when suggesting improvements or changes to services
  • providing information and support to colleagues in a constructive and helpful manner

Is there a better way?
Awarded for: 

  • engaging in reflective practice to think about why and how we do things
  • critically assessing what we do to see what is successful and what can be improved
  • gather evidence, aid reflection and see if there are better ways of doing things
  • evidence-based practice and decision making inform our recommendations
  • providing solutions and options for continuous improvement
  • contributing to new and improved services
  • behaviours that demonstrate either reflection, assessment of evidence and a focus on continuous improvement

What I do matters:
Awarded for: 

  • demonstrating being accountable and responsible for decisions and actions
  • addressing current client issuesand recommending solutions to colleagues
  • communicating with colleagues and referring appropriately
  • providing informed feedback and recommendations
  • building expertise, engaging in training and development
  • gathering evidence and reflecting on current practices to find opportunities to improve