End of Year Awards 2018

The Quiet Achiever Award
Always getting on with the job, someone who may not always be recognised for their efforts.
Ricky Choi – Ricky is the silent achiever never making a big deal about all the work he does including the amazing work he did on the Win10 migration & and also in preparation for the staff & client PC fleet replacements.

The Good Energy Award
Positive, friendly and lifts the overall mood of their workplace.
Henry Acopian – Everyday Henry brings a positive, proactive and happy approach to the office no matter what has happened or is happening. It has such a positive effect on the people around him and is such a joy to work with.

The Guru Award
A role model and mentor of best practice, who willingly and enthusiastically shares their knowledge.
Rhiannon Raisins – Rhiannon has been an invaluable source of knowledge enthusiastically sharing methods, advice and best practice both through her presentations at the Hacky Hour/Community of Practice events as well as one-to-one advice on data manipulation.

Team Player Award (equal winner)
An impressive collaborator, who puts the outcomes and goals of the team above their individual ones.
Paul Wei – Paul is the quintessential team player, putting himself second and always considering what is right for the “team” – from the University team to the Library team and to any other “team” with which he has contact.
Alicia Rogers – Alicia is a great team player and notable for her ability to work well with other staff. She is full of positive energy and has developed impressive relationships with fellow colleagues as is always looking for opportunities for collaboration.

Team Award
For a team who has shown outstanding commitment and collaboration to achieve their outcomes.
Learning Skills Unit (Tessa, Carol, Robyn, Vanessa and Brenda)
A very busy team, comprising very different individuals but they bring a similar dedication to their work and are extremely approachable and always helpful and pleasant whenever assistance is required. No matter how busy they are, they will always smile and say G’Day

The Connect Award
Strives to bring together staff and stakeholders at all levels and break down boundaries to maximise access to information resources and increase the Library’s role at the nexus between learning and research
Heather Cooper & Grai Calvey – Heather and Grai have been fantastic at connecting people together from not just around the Library, but also with the Faculty staff and researchers, to get everyone on the same page and successfully promote the services that the Library offer.

The Open Award
Seeks to advance the values of the profession including freedom of expression, equal access to information and preservation of knowledge for the future.
Tamara Bubalo
Tamara excels at any work provided to her and is very proactive in responding to clients. She encompasses all the values of the Library, especially Open as she proactively connects with clients to provide excellent service provision.

The Communicate Award
Open to new ways of listening to what our users need and uses this information to help make decisions about library services.
Alex Zionzee – Alex has embraced opportunities to be a part of the extended portfolio, showing a willingness to listen and understand the Library, its work and staff always bringing a refreshing, honest and valuable contribution to the proceedings.

Macquarie University Librarians’ Award – Kendall Kousek