Peer Support Network

The goal of the Peer Support Network (PSN) is to support Library staff and Team leaders as they implement, manage and achieve successful outcomes using flexible work during times of disruption and beyond. The Macquarie University train station closure (Sept 30, 2018) was the impetus for launching this group and ties in, but is not exclusive to, the Library Business Continuity program. The Peer Support Statement for the Network is as follows:

The PSN is a Collective effort to support each other and teams in order to:

  • Maintain library business continuity
  • Minimise the negative impacts during disruption
  • Maintain & improve productivity & quality outcomes
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“please note this support document asks that records be stored to the one-drive account. In the Library, records should be stored to Dropbox, unless specified otherwise.”

How to use TEAMS

In April 2018,  5 x Library Business Continuity pilots were launched.  As well, a Peer Support Network Workshop was held for Library staff who volunteered to be a part of the 2 x original working groups (called Quality Face to Face and Technology).  Twenty-four Library staff attended this PSN workshop and participated in group work to design outcomes for their group (the PSN groups are listed in the table below with links to the templates produced).

In Scope for the Peer Support NetworkOut of Scope for the Peer Support Network
- IT
- Outcomes based working support
For managers
For staff

- Equipment recommendations
- Buddy Ecosystem
- Team communications
- Guidance on staying connected
- Tools to choose from & tech tips
- Quality meeting management & face-to-face
- Coaching / mentoring where required
- No house office inspections
- No internet connection (No Funding)
- Performance management (HR)
- Blanket equipment provision other than university mobile devices
BenefitsThe Groups designed to achieve outcomes in PSN (links to the group templates)
- Esprit de Corps (Team Morale)
- Transparent
- Supports WWDM
- Supports connectedness
- Leverages information & skills that already exist
- Cost neutral
- Aligns with L& D strategy
- Inclusive of all
- Supports productivity
- Builds trust
- Increases responsiveness
- Outcomes based focused
- Improved meeting culture
- Improved customer service
- Outcomes Based Working
- IT
- Equipment Recommendations
- Buddy Ecosystem:
- Team Communications
- Quality Meeting Management
- Coaching & Mentoring

Outcomes Oriented Work – workshop

This module is an in-house designed and delivered workshop to support Library Team Leaders and Managers support their staff in understanding and delivering outcomes based work.  Outcomes Oriented work is desirable whether working flexibly or not, and this module was designed to provide a common definition, understanding and language for ensuring all staff can achieve this. These workshops were delivered for all Library Team Leaders and Managers in August and September 2018, facilitated by Jenny Bremner and Katie Mann.

The Aims of the Module are:

  • Define Outcome Oriented Work
  • Investigate examples of OOW in the Library setting, and help apply OOW to their work and the work of your staff
  • Set expectations for OOW
  • Assist Team Leaders to talk to their staff and teams about OOW
  • Provide tools that may assist Team to Leaders to manage and support successful OOW (OOW Template ( Library Business Continuity Guidelines).
  • Relate Outcome Oriented Work to Library Business Continuity (LBC) Guidelines

Outcomes Oriented Work involves setting and meeting work objectives. 
Work is What You Get Done, Not Where You Are

All work outcomes must have:

  • Clarity
  • Action
  • Measurement

Outcomes Oriented Work module (PPT slides)

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