Student placement information

Industry & Work Experience Placement Guidelines
Macquarie University Library

Library Studies

As part of Macquarie University Library’s continuing support for the profession, Industry placements provide a mechanism for library students to observe and develop an understanding of the operations and practice of a library. These placements in turn provide MUL with the opportunity to engage with new ideas and knowledge from the placement student, and assist in the development of possible future staff for the Library.

On this basis MUL will accept a maximum of 3 placements in total per calendar year consisting of:

  • Librarian students – Degree, Postgraduate, Masters
  • Technician (TAFE) students
  • MQ University PACE student (optional)

Timing of placements will normally occur in non-peak periods for MUL (May/July/September).  To ensure a good fit the student will be asked to provide a CV and their areas of interest. Only in exceptional circumstances will MUL staff who are studying and require a placement be considered for a placement within MUL.

At the end of the placement, the report written by the placement student for their study should ideally be shared with MUL as a part of the positive information and knowledge sharing process.

School Work Experience

Requests for Year 10, 11, 12 work experience placements are currently unable to be accepted due to insurance reasons.  Requests for work experience from relatives of staff can be considered and acceptance is at the discretion of Department Managers. All requests are then to be directed to the Manager, Library Planning & Administrative Services.

MQ Pace Students

To be considered on a case-by-case basis.


The University Librarian retains the authority for ensuring that the policy is implemented, effective and reviewed.


The Learning & Development Manager will work with the relevant Department Managers and staff to seek approval for student placement requests and to help coordinate the Industry placement dates and program, particularly the induction and exit interview.

Department Managers/Supervisors are responsible for co-ordinating and implementing a planned program of activities/projects for placement students.

For the following, please click here:

  • Word document of the above Guidelines – Industry & Work Experience Placement Guidelines, Macquarie University Library
  • Student Placement Checklist for supervisor’s of placement students

Template for Student Placement schedule (for the work they will do in teams and Departments whilst at MQ Library on placement)